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NEET PG 2023 topper with AIR 7 shares her complete preparation strategy

NEET PG 2023 topper with AIR 7 shares her complete preparation strategy

NEET PG 2023 topper with AIR 7 Dr Jui Nigudkar Kem shared with us her complete preparation strategy and tips for future aspirants.

NEET PG 2023 result was declared earlier this month and we got talking to NEET PG topper with AIR 7 Dr Jui Nigudkar Kem to understand her NEET PG preparation strategy and sneak a few tips from her for future aspirants.

Dr Jui hails from a family of medical professionals in a small town in Southern Maharashtra called Kudal. Her father, brother and sister-in-law are obstetrics and gynaecology specialists, while her mother is an Accountant.

She had scored 98% in Class 10 and 89% in Class 12. She had also appeared for Homi Bhabha, the Young Scientists’ exam. In her NEET UG exam, she bagged a score of 601/720.

Her love for the subjects of biology and chemistry coupled with admiration for her family’s professional work pushed her to take up a medical career.


Before preparing, Dr Jui consulted with several seniors to map the best approach. Some of the steps she took during her preparation include the following:

Creation of personal notes across subjects before starting an internship
Referring to a single source for each subject
Beginning the preparations with pre-clinical subjects
Attempting 50-75 MCQs a day on the subject studied while commuting
Starting revisions in December while simultaneously also reading on topics for the first time
Dedicating the last 15 days to revision. 

Attempting mock tests through PrepLadder from the first month of preparation and also visiting the errors later during the revision
Aiming to complete a mock test every two weeks initially and increasing the frequency to 1-2 mock tests a week, two months before the exam
Focusing on PYQs in the last month of the preparation
Studying for NEET PG alongside an internship is tough. Dr Jui divided her internship into two parts for pre- and post-exam.

“During the first half of the internship, I began surgery postings and then worked in different departments. I plan to resume it soon after the 2-month break. I aim to sharpen my clinical skills,” says the NEET PG topper.


“When studying for 14-15 hours a day, breaks become critical to sustaining the quality of the study. Stepping away from books to spend time with family and friends was my recharging avenue, as well as occasional Netflix shows,” says the NEET PG topper.

Dr Jui runs a YouTube channel where she frequently posts song covers featuring her favourite artists. Due to lack of time, she stopped doing the same for around three months before the exam.

Moreover, to minimise distractions, she uninstalled all OTT apps a month before the exam and resorted to YouTube for short breaks. To reduce stress, she also turned to singing, dancing, and painting.


Dr Jui wants to spend the next three months of her medical internship in researching and exploring different branches to understand which path she should take up for her specialisation.

The NEET PG topper is definite about pursuing a non-surgical component and is thus leaning towards radiology, general medicine or dermatology as a specialisation.

“However, before deciding, I plan to consult extensively with my seniors and colleagues. Post that, I will explore top colleges offering that specialisation,” she says.


“Balancing preparation for NEET PG with an internship is always challenging, but do not give up. It can be a substantial effort even if one can put in only 3.5 hours of study,” she says.

“Aspirants must put forward their best efforts consistently, as a lot can change in the last few months before the exam. Also, if you receive lower ranks in the grand tests, avoid them from deterring you,” adds the NEET PG topper.

Source: India Today

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