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Non-alcoholic perfume "attar" sees greater demand during Ramzan in Srinagar

Non-alcoholic perfume "attar" sees greater demand during Ramzan in Srinagar

The demand for the non-alcoholic perfume "Attar" is picking up during the holy month of Ramzan which started a few days ago in Srinagar.

"Attar" is a non-alcoholic perfume which is made from flower extracts and then left for a long time to get the best fragrance which is completely chemical-free.

During Ramzan, the usage of alcohol and its products are prohibited which in turn increases the demand for this non-alcoholic perfume.

"I have come here to purchase 'Attar'. It is a very popular perfume. The demand is very high during the holy month of Ramdhan. Most Muslims prefer to use it during this month," Zahid Ahmad, a local told ANI.

The shops in Srinagar display many varieties of attar, some local and some imported from other Gulf countries which are very costly.

People prefer to use these perfumes during these blessed days of Ramzan, they said.

Shopkeepers said they have as many as 300 varieties, like Gulab, Chameli, Nargis, Musk Chocolate, Banana, Kashmiri apple, and Kesar which are in high demand during this month.

"We have at least 800-900 varieties of the "Attar' available at the shop. Few varieties are made at home. We also order from outside. It takes a lot of time to make the perfume," Abdul Waris Ansari, a shopkeeper in Srinagar said.

"It is the Sunnah (Tradition) of Prophet Mohammad. Attar has different kinds of varieties like Nargis and Jasmine etc. It is used mostly during Ramzan," he added.

Shopkeepers said that people come from different parts of Kashmir to Srinagar to buy the Attar, especially during this holy month.

"Islam has stressed a lot on cleanliness. We have been asked to put on a good appearance. It is a tradition to put on Attar. It is necessary to use it, especially on Friday," Parvaiz Ahmad, a local said. (ANI)

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