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Rare ‘Himalayan Lynx’ spotted in Ladakh

Rare ‘Himalayan Lynx’ spotted in Ladakh

Srinagar, Mar 1: Rare Himalayan Lynx, one of the wild cat species, has been spotted in Ladakh.

The video of a rare animal that looks like a cross between a big cat and a wolf with peaked ears spotted in Ladakh has been posted on social media platforms which has gone viral. The actual video has been posted by Sherine Fatima on her Twitter handle that has been shared by many.

"So this unique and beautiful animal. It looks like a mixture of a cat and a lion. It's small yet fearless in front of so many dogs in Ladakh, I wonder what animal it is," posted twitter user Sherine Fatima whose Twitter bio says she is the first female singer of the Balti community in Ladakh.

The video clip shows a group of dogs barking at the strange creature as it loiters around a town in Ladakh. However, the animal is unfazed and finally sits on a wall to rest.

Indian Forest Service officer and wildlife enthusiast Parveen Kaswan shared the video. "A beautiful and rare animal found in India. In the Ladakh region. Not many have heard about it. Guess what,” the IFS officer said in his tweet.

According to the IFS officer the animal is a Himalayan Lynx, a rare animal species. " It’s a Himalayan Lynx. One of the wild cat species found in India. A beautiful and rare creature. Found in Leh-Ladakh. Others found in this zone are Snow leopard and Pallas cat. Pic Wikipedia. Now can you tell me what are the other creatures in the video and what are they doing," the officer said in another tweet.

Prominent social-political activist Sajjad Kargili also posted the video of the rare animal spotted in Ladkah. " Lynx snow cat ( local name Eeh) found in #Ladakh" Kargili said. Greater Kashmir

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