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Student gets ‘Nirma’ detergent bar after ordering an Apple iPhone

Student gets ‘Nirma’ detergent bar after ordering an Apple iPhone

According to the report, Harsha S, a student from the district headquarters town of Koppal in Karnataka, had paid for the iPhone in the year 2021. In his complaint, Harsha said that he was shocked after opening the parcel that he received as it contained a small keypad phone and one ‘Nirma’ detergent soap of 140 grams in it. He also paid Rs. 48, 999 for the iPhone when ordered.

Last week, the commission in its order said that the sellers should take responsibility even after selling the product. “It is worthwhile to mention here that, now-a-days online shopping is spreading everywhere, because it is time and money saving, but the responsibilities of the companies cannot be over after selling of the product, as it is the bounden duty of the companies to satisfy their customers, because it does not give any liberty to usurp the money of the consumers either by sending wrong items/product to cheat the customers and to gulp the money of customer,” said the commission in its order.

The commission further ordered Flipkart and its retail seller to pay compensation of Rs.10,000 for deficiency in service and unfair trade practice and another ₹15,000 for mental agony, physical harassment and cost of litigation of the consumer. The order also said to refund the cost of the phone, ₹48,999, all within eight weeks.

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