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VC CUS laments ‘lack of control’ over constituent colleges

VC CUS laments ‘lack of control’ over constituent colleges

by Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar: The Vice Chancellor (VC) of Cluster University Srinagar (CUS) Prof Qayyum Husain on Friday said that "lack of control" of the University on its constituent colleges was a hurdle in its progress.

The VC was speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day International Conference on ‘Advances in Computer Sciences & Technology’ organized at Government College for Women, M A Road, Srinagar.

“Inspite of lot of hurdles and problems CUS is still progressing very well. I am hoping that I will be able to make Cluster University a full-fledged university,” Prof. Qayyum Husain said.

“I and my colleague in Jammu (VC CU Jammu, Prof. Bechan Lal) are making all our efforts to make these universities into full-fledged universities,” he said.

He said that he tried to bring advancement in the academic standards of CUS soon after joining as the VC of the University.

“In the last Academic Council meeting last year, we approved many new courses which will be started from the next academic session,” he said.

He however said that they were facing problems in managing the constituent colleges of the University due to the lack of full-fledged autonomy of the Cluster University.

“We have five constituent colleges of the University but all these are under control of the Higher Education Department. At times I feel bad why I am sitting in the colleges when they are not in our control,” he said.

The Cluster Universities in Srinagar and Jammu, established by virtue of ‘The Srinagar and Jammu Cluster Universities Act, 2016’ were conceived as an “innovative and strategic intervention” in higher education arena in the country to provide a stimulating academic and research environment to the aspirants of higher education from Jammu and Kashmir.

The objective was to pool resources from top colleges in Srinagar and Jammu to bring all facilities there under one room for common use by students and researchers.

Since their establishment, the CU Srinagar and Jammu have struggled to gain complete financial, academic and administrative autonomy from the J&K Higher Education Department (HED).

“But I am a fighter and I am hopeful that I will be able to make the Cluster University Srinagar progress as a full-fledged university,” he said. Greater Kashmir

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