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CEO Srinagar bars teachers, officials from visiting office during school hours

CEO Srinagar bars teachers, officials from visiting office during school hours

Srinagar, Mar 31:The Chief Education Officer Srinagar on Friday has barred teachers and officials to visit the Chief Education Office during school hours.

CEO Srinagar passed the orders after noticing that a number of teachers/officials are visiting the office during school hours without prior approval from their respective Head of Institutions or the Drawing and Disturbing Officers (DDOs).

The order mentioned, “Such frequent and unregulated visits are disrupting the smooth functioning of the office and impacting the overall productivity of the office. It is hereby ordered that all the teachers/officials to schedule their visit to the office of undersigned not during school hours. This will enable our staff to work uninterrupted during school hours and ensure that our office remains functional and efficient.”

He also mentioned that the frequent visits during school hours affect the academic progress of the students in their respective schools.  

The order said, “It is imperative that such visits are avoided during school hours and prior approval of the concerned HOIs or the DDO is obtained before visiting the office.”

It is also mentioned that if the teacher/official needs to visit the office for personal matters during school hours, they must take casual, half-day, short or any other application leave approved by the concerned authority.
“Any deviation from this protocol may result in disciplinary action,” the order said. (Rising Kashmir)

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