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GDC Handwara: Official Neglect Leaves 58% Teaching Posts Vacant

GDC Handwara: Official Neglect Leaves 58% Teaching Posts Vacant

"Struggling for Quality Education: GDC Handwara's Battle with Faculty Shortages and Infrastructure Woes - Calls for Urgent Government Intervention"

Srinagar: In 1988, Handwara Degree College opened its doors to students, but unfortunately, its struggle with infrastructure, faculty, and advanced labs has been a never-ending saga. As a result, the college has failed to secure a good NAAC ranking over the years.

Despite being home to more than three thousand students, acute faculty shortages and poor infrastructure have jeopardized the quality of education. As the college has a staff strength of 46 posts out of which 27 are filled rest posts are vacant. Similarly, the college has 18 non-faculty posts, out of which 11 are vacant.

The lack of permanent faculty in crucial subjects like Maths, Physics, Geology, and Electronics has left students with limited resources and opportunities as subjects are without permanent faculty. Shockingly, the Electronics subject has less than 25 students left, and there has been no permanent faculty for years.

The science labs are ill-equipped, leaving students without the necessary tools to complete experiments and assignments. With most crucial subjects lacking permanent faculty, students are forced to make do with just one class a day, and attendance has become a rarity.

Reports suggest that GDC Handwara has only 20% permanent faculty despite a massive influx of students. The college is also lacking critical human resources like senior and junior assistants, and accountants, with accounting operations being managed by a need-based employee.

Although the college was NAAC accredited in 2016, it failed to apply for accreditation with National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

However, the college is currently processing its Annual Quality Assurance Report for the next five years, which could potentially lead to a not-so-good NAAC ranking because of inadequate material and human resources. Ironically, the largest college (in terms of enrollment) in the Kupwara district does not have an auditorium. The library is too small for the students with no permanent Librarian and isn’t fully automatic. The students reported a lack of a serene reading room facility and a browser center for non-BCA students.

It doesn’t have even a First Aid facility or a rest room for its students, not even for the female students. All students complained about the absence of a dining hall facility, a gym center, and a language lab.

The principal doesn’t even have proper accommodations. Despite being a female principal, she has no cook or proper place to stay. However, despite all odds, she has been successful in giving the college some semblance that was lost in the wilderness.

Many students complained about the presence of outsiders in the college during class hours who couldn’t be monitored or dealt with due to the non-availability of CCTV cameras in the college.

It is high time that the government takes note of the situation and provides the college with the necessary resources.

Sumaya, a student in the 4th semester, complained in a resentful voice ‘Where are social justice and equality of opportunity for us? After graduation, we are supposed to compete with students who graduate from the best of the colleges in India and J&K. How can we match their academic productivity when we don’t receive 1/20th of their facilities”.

Another student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I had a dream to become a mathematician. How I see my dream getting aborted at the altar of callous administration for whom we aren’t the focus of attention. I may be not graduating because of the non-availability of faculty and quality books”.

This reporter found the college washrooms in dilapidated condition, two teaching blocks with broken windows and glass frames, and a library disorganized.

The college’s growth and funding prospects depend upon a good NAAC ranking and the effective and timely completion of various ongoing works, including a multipurpose hall.

A sense of despondency and a palpable feeling of denial about the lack of facilities and poor academic environment is brewing up on the campus. The quicker the government responds to the issues, the better it would be in the way of rectification of injustice and deprivation.

Meanwhile, Principal GDC Handwara Prof Dilruba Rasool acknowledged the shortage of staff and said that she is managing the same by framing the roster of academic arrangements as per need.

Over the years college has seen growth on many fronts like we have got advanced equipment for our labs. We have very expensive devices in our science labs to help our students to excel in the field of science and technology. Our infrastructure is getting improved every new day, she said.

She said when she assumed charge, she has been putting all her efforts to bring the college into the limelight and secure a good NAAC ranking, but it is not possible overnight.

“I am taking up the issues like staff shortage, infrastructure, and other important things with the higher-ups and I am sure the college will get serious attention,” she added. (KNS)

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