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Mehak Mir Determined To Expand Her Family Business, ‘Herb Heaven’

Mehak Mir Determined To Expand Her Family Business, ‘Herb Heaven’

Srinagar, April, 03: Amid the soaring unemployment rates, people like Mehak Mir and her family in south Kashmir’s Pampore area of Pulwama district are setting up as job providers to help a number of unemployment girls by cultivating and exporting the Saffron. 
In her 30s, Mehak is determined to further expand her family business, ‘Herb Heaven’ and make a mark at global level by taking her local product to different parts of the world market.
“It’s our fourth generation family business. 
Our company is much into the innovations. 
We have introduced Saffron infused honey, Saffron dry fruit honey and instant kahwa in the market,” she added.

Besides that, they have also introduced and started exporting Saffron powder which is a first-of-its-kind. “Since it is difficult and time-consuming task to mix Saffron with other eatables, so to make this easier the company has introduced saffron powder as a new product. 
We are the only Kashmir to sell Saffron powder.”
Taking inspiration from her grandfather she says, 
“It is my Grandfather Abdul Rashid Mir - once dubbed as the “Saffron King“ - who developed good contacts in the market and took the business to new heights. 
An MBA from UK and an alumnus of Presentation Convent School, Srinagar, Mehak expresses that the prime focus of her family is to provide employment to as many females as possible through this business.
 “70 per cent of our staff is female.

 For now, we have two goals; first to make our Kashmiri Saffron popular in European countries and second to create more and more employment opportunities for females in our company."

She says further adding that, “I chose MBA to enhance my skills so that these two goals are fulfilled with my brothers who have already popularised ‘Herb Heaven’ brand in Dubai and Canada.”

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