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Mobile Calling New Rule: Big Changes In Incoming Calls, Messages From May 01

Mobile Calling New Rule: Big Changes In Incoming Calls, Messages From May 01

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has announced changes in the rules related to fake, promotional calls and SMS for customers from May 1, 2023. TRAI is going to put in place AI filters to block pesky calls and SMS, which will come as a huge relief to telecom customers who have to face the bombardment of unwanted spam calls and SMS on a daily basis.

TRAI’s new order from May 01

TRAI issues order to telecom companies mandating them to install artificial intelligence spam filters in their call and SMS services from May 1. AI filters will help customers avoid fake and promotional calls. Telecom companies Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio have announced to start AI filter service soon.

Airtel, Jio announced to roll out AI filters

Airtel has reportedly announced AI filters for its services. JIO has also announced to start work on rolling out AI filters on its services very soon. However, more information has not been received so far. But AI filters can be expected to start working from May 1, 2023.

Call ID feature coming soon

TRAI has been working for a long time to stop fake calls and SMS which is a big problem for the customers. This is one of the ways scammers try to dupe gullible customers and take money out of their accounts. 

TRAI is asking telecom companies to stop making promotional calls to 10 digit mobile numbers. The regulator is also looking for an option to bring Call ID facility which will display the photo and name of the caller on the mobile phone.

Telecom companies like Airtel and JIO are hesitating to bring this technology due to privacy issue.

 However, there is no information regarding this. It is to be noted that only the AI ​​filter will reportedly be implemented from May 1 to stop the bombardment of harassing calls and SMS to customers.

Source: Bharat Times English News

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