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This government school in Gurez is still closed for winter vacation

This government school in Gurez is still closed for winter vacation

Locals protest, demand reopening of school

Srinagar, Apr 06: In a remote village of Gurez, absence of teachers and closure of the local higher secondary school Baduab has affected students, causing anger among people. 

In Bhuduab and its neighboring areas, people took to the streets and demanded the Education Department take immediate action to fill the vacant positions and reopen their school which is closed since winter vacation. 

A video obtained by the news agency—Kashmir News Obbserver (KNO) showed a passionate gathering of people at the Higher Secondary School Bhuduab Tulail chanting slogans against the government's failure to open higher secondary schools in their village. 

The residents claim that despite the Director of School Education passing an order for reopening schools across the valley, the higher secondary has remained closed without a single class taken in the past month. 

Many teachers are enjoying their vacations until April, causing trauma to students. "How can we expect good results from schools that remain closed for a month for no reason,” said Mushtaq Ahmad, a local. 

"The government claims to provide better and basic education to poor people but nothing of the sort is available on the ground," he said. 

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Gurez, Mudasir Ahmad has ordered a report to be compiled on the matter and has issued a stern warning to the school staff. "Strict action will be taken against any staff member found to be absent," he said—(KNO)

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