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Meet two brothers from Kulgam known for their culinary skills

Meet two brothers from Kulgam known for their culinary skills

Jahangeer Ganaie

Srinagar, May 10: Two siblings from Kulgam pursuing post graduation working as chefs have been helping over a dozen youth to earn livelihood. Aadil Mushtaq Kumar and Zahid Mushtaq Kumar residents of Sopath area of Kulgam district are working as chefs (Wazas) besides pursuing post graduation as well.

“We both used to accompany our father since childhood when he was going cooking for marriages and other functions. After his death in 2015, we had no option but to take the family profession on our own shoulders,” Aadil Mushtaq, news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

“Continuing the profession of ancestors, especially father, gives you a peace of mind and we are going to continue it even if we will pursue more degrees as well”. 

They said that they are not shy about earning through Halal means. Zahid Mushtaq Kumar who is pursuing PG in sociology said they have never felt the need of government employment. 

“We feel proud that around a dozen youths have been working with us almost on a daily basis for different purposes whenever we had to go for functions,” he said. The siblings said that giving responsibility to the children at the right time will keep them away from anti-social activities. 

“In our society, parents aren't giving responsibilities to their children at right time due to which they have all free time to get involved in drugs and other such activities,” they added—(KNO)

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