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Munshi Habibullah Mission Hr.Sec, School Kargil Conducts Inter Class Drawing Competition

Munshi Habibullah Mission Hr.Sec, School Kargil Conducts Inter Class Drawing Competition

KARGIL, 29 MAY: An Inter-Class Drawing Competition was organised by Munshi Habibullah Mission Hr. School in school’s Auditorium hall on 27th May 2023 for the kids of Age Group 6 years to 11 years the parents were also invited for this competition so to guide their ward. 

A total number of 558 Children from classes 1st to 5th participated in this event and almost 80% of the parents also participated in the same.

Children showcased their creative skills on paper in the form of drawing and painting and came up with some amazing art works. 

Each of these drawings were done by our little angels so beautifully and diligently that It was a treat to the eyes. 

The Competition for Kids is an exciting opportunity for young artists to showcase their creativity and imagination on stage. 

This competition provides a platform for them to express their ideas and showcase their talents along with the help of their parents.

The theme for this year's competition was draw a rainbow or Sunset Scene for classes 1st and 2nd and A village Scene or Apricot Blossom for classes 3rd to 5th. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this competition was the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and be recognised as a budding talent. The Drawing Competition is the ideal place for kids to learn, grow, and success. 

The competition was divided in two different categories or classes : 

1) Class 1st and 2nd   
2) Class 3rd to 5th     

The criteria for judgment was Neatness, Colour Combination, Overall effect and Accuracy in sketching.
Students proved that they not only excel in academics, but also shine in exhibiting their skills by their creative presentation. Children participated enthusiastically in this event and result will be declared within two or three days in each category. 

The result for the same will be judged and declared by our esteemed judges Mr. Anwar Ali Renowned artist from kargil, our school’s Vice Principal Sonam Sir and our Art and crafts teacher Gulbadan Madam who were constantly on the round in the auditorium hall and were also guiding the students.

The students had a great time participating in this competition the Fun and the Excitement was evident on their innocent faces.

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