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Peer Gawhar, a calligrapher from Ramhall kupwara, has been making waves in the world of calligraphy since 2020

Peer Gawhar, a calligrapher from Ramhall kupwara, has been making waves in the world of calligraphy since 2020

What started as a simple hobby for him has now turned into a full-blown passion, with him taking orders for his stunning calligraphy pieces through his Instagram page, peer_gawhar7.

Gawhar's love for calligraphy began when he started writing the name of Allah, which brought him immense happiness. With a family history of prominent calligraphers on his maternal side, he quickly picked up the art and learned two Arabic scripts in a very short amount of time. He is now working on mastering a third script.

Calligraphy is an art form that has a long and rich history in Islamic culture. It is the artistic practice of handwriting, and it is often used to decorate and beautify Islamic manuscripts, buildings, and other objects. Calligraphy has evolved over the years, and it is now practiced in various styles and forms across the world.

Gawhar's calligraphy work is receiving high praise and admiration from all corners, with people commending him for his impressive skills and talent. His Instagram page is filled with stunning images of his work, including intricate and detailed Arabic calligraphy pieces, which are breathtakingly beautiful.

Many people have already placed orders for Gawhar's work, with some even requesting customized pieces to fit their specific needs. With his talent and dedication to the craft, it is no wonder that he is quickly becoming a sought-after calligrapher in the industry.

Gawhar's passion for calligraphy is not only a testament to his skills but also a reminder of the importance of keeping traditional arts and crafts alive. It is heartening to see young people like Gawhar embracing the art form and taking it to new heights, ensuring that it continues to thrive and evolve for generations to come.

In a world that is rapidly changing and evolving, it is refreshing to see young people like Gawhar pursuing their passions and keeping traditional art forms alive. His journey is an inspiration to many, and we cannot wait to see where his passion for calligraphy takes him in the future.

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