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Sopore girl seeks govt support for ‘solar panel & steam-powered boat’ project

Sopore girl seeks govt support for ‘solar panel & steam-powered boat’ project

Working for more than a year, she says the project will contribute to a ‘more sustainable future’

Sopore, May 19: An undergraduate student and a physics lover from the Sopore area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district is on a mission of building a solar panel and steam-powered boat after working on the project for one-and-a-half year.

In an interview with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Muffara Majeed, hailing from the Doabgah area of Sopore, said she had always dreamed of harnessing the power of renewable energy to create “something truly remarkable”.

Her chance finally arrived when she came up with an ingenious idea for a solar panel and steam-powered boat.

Spending countless hours in her small workshop, she meticulously designed and built her “revolutionary vessel”. “I envisioned a boat that could traverse the water body without relying on fossil fuels, relying solely on the abundant energy of the sun and the power of steam,” Muffara said, adding, “The boat would not only be environmentally friendly but would also open up new possibilities for exploration and travel.”

The student said her interest in physics led her to think of doing some innovative things. It took her nearly two years to turn this idea into reality.

“I had a solar light at home that charged via solar panel during the day and provided light in the evening. This triggered the idea, and I began constructing a solar boat,” she said. “It took me some time to know the mechanism of charging. After concentrating on that idea, I implemented it in a ship.”

Initially, I started working on the solar system only. However, with the successful touch, I added steam to it, which makes it a dual nature, she said.

She emphasised the importance of renewable energy and highlighted the potential of her project to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Muffara said that after the completion of the model project, she visited many institutions, but was disappointed after getting cold responses everywhere. Nobody liked my idea or at least appreciated my work, she added.

Having invested considerable time and effort in the project, the student now hopes to build a ship that can carry up to four people at a time. For this, she has appealed to the local administration to support her in realising this dream.

Asked about her future plans, Muffara said she will build her model project. “I have many more ideas, though raw ones, but will surely make them applicable and functional soon,” she said.

Muffara credited her parents for this model project and said “nothing was possible” without their support.

She urged the youth to realise their skills and enhance those to build a strong community and a strong nation.

Her father Abdul Majeed Khuroo, while talking to KNO said, “It is a proud moment for me that my daughter is spending her time on innovative things which can by and largely help the people concerned.”

“It is not necessary that a girl should be motivated for MBBS or any other medical course; they can excel in the field of arts as well. Let's not thrust our choices upon the children,” Khuroo said. “I appreciate my daughter’s move; we will provide her with whatever support she needs.”—(KNO)

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