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Young boy from Sadurkoot Payeen Bandipora made it to the top

Young boy from Sadurkoot Payeen Bandipora made it to the top

Faizan Mushtaq, a young boy hailing from a small village called Sadurkoot Payeen in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir, has made his way to the top as the youngest columnist, poet, and writer of his valley. His extraordinary writing skills and passion for literature have brought him tremendous success at a very young age.

Faizan's journey as a writer wasn't an easy one. Growing up in a small village with limited resources, he faced numerous challenges in pursuing his passion for writing. However, he never let these obstacles stop him from achieving his goals. Despite having limited access to books and resources, Faizan read extensively, trying to grasp the art of writing.

Faizan's love for literature and writing led him to co-author more than 50 books, which is an incredible feat for someone so young. His success didn't end there. He also published his own solo book, 'When Love Lasts,' which received rave reviews from literary critics and readers alike. The book is a compilation of love poems that portray the different emotions and feelings associated with love. 

Faizan's ability to capture the essence of love and express it in his poetry is exceptional, and it has won him numerous accolades.One of Faizan's most significant achievements is the compilation of the international anthology 'Broken Soul.' The anthology comprises of poems from poets across the globe and has been widely appreciated for its diverse themes and writing styles. 

Faizan's ability to bring
together writers from different cultures and backgrounds is a testament to his passion for literature and his desire to connect with people through his

Faizan's incredible achievements in the field of literature have brought him widespread recognition. He has made his way into the Indian Book of Records, a remarkable achievement for someone so young. He has also been nominated for the Rashtriya Prerna Award 2023 and the Best Young Writer of India 2023, both of which he received on 16th June 2023. 

Faizan's recognition in such prestigious awards is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent.Apart from his success in literature, Faizan is also an active member of the Bandipura Youth Federation. As the youngest member of the Federation, he plays a vital role in promoting youth development and encouraging young people to follow their passion. 

His involvement in community activities and social work is
commendable and reflects his desire to give back to society. Despite all his success, Faizan remains humble and grounded. 

He acknowledges the challenges he faced in the beginning and credits his family and friends for their unwavering support. He believes that writing is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about change and spread awareness on social issues. 

Through his writing, Faizan hopes to inspire young people to pursue their passions and dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem.In conclusion, Faizan Mushtaq's journey from a small village in Bandipora to becoming the youngest columnist, poet, and writer of his valley is nothing short of remarkable. 

His passion for literature and writing has brought him tremendous success, and his work has been recognized on various platforms. Faizan's achievements are a testament to his hard work, dedication,
and talent. 

He has proved that with determination and perseverance, one can achieve anything they set their minds to. Faizan is an inspiration to many young people who aspire to make a name for themselves in the field of literature and beyond. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors and hope that he continues to inspire others with his remarkable work.

Who is the youngest poet of kashmir.

Faizan Mushtaq (faiz)is the youngest columnist, poet and writer of Kashmir and is the first person to became Best young writer of India 2023.

(With Inputs from Faizan Mushtaq) 

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