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CLASS 10TH BOARD EXAM | Despite challenges, Govt schools in rural pockets produce improved result

CLASS 10TH BOARD EXAM | Despite challenges, Govt schools in rural pockets produce improved result

Baramulla: Government schools in rural pockets have produced improved results despite facing many odds during the academic session.

Nestled in Chandoosa education zone of Baramulla district, Government High School Nagbal has achieved a 100 percent result of the students in class 10th Board exams.

The institution's exceptional achievement is particularly noteworthy as the institution was headless and there were no subject specific teachers posted in the government school.

The school was run by the Grade II and Grade III teachers (erstwhile SSA teachers) whose dedication and mentorship has brought laurels for the school. These teachers have emerged as the unsung heroes behind this extraordinary feat.

With an enrollment of 120 students from kindergarten to class 10th grade, Government High School Nagbal has faced numerous challenges due to the dearth of adequate teaching staff.

"Despite these obstacles, the teachers' unwavering dedication and perseverance have played a pivotal role in shaping their students' academic success," said Muhammad Umar, a local resident of Chandoosa.

The locals and the teachers of the adjacent schools attribute the success to the "hardworking teachers."

"The credit for this remarkable achievement goes entirely to our teachers. They have put in tireless efforts to ensure that every student receives quality education," said a local resident.

The absence of a headmaster and subject-specific teachers did not deter the teachers at this school from going above and beyond their responsibilities.

They devised innovative teaching strategies, tailored individualized study plans, and provided extra support to struggling students.

The teachers' efforts have not gone unnoticed within the community as the students and the local residents have showered the teachers with gratitude and appreciation. As per the official figures, all the six students who had appeared in the class 10th Board exams have qualified it.

High School Nagbal is not the lone institution which has performed exceptionally well but there are other such schools in the adjacent villages which have produced improved results this year.

Government High School Dandmoha in Zone Chandoosa has also witnessed a significant improvement in their class 10th results.

Last year, the school had faced a disheartening zero percent pass rate. However, this year, the pass percentage has skyrocketed to an impressive 95 percent. Five students from the school had appeared in the class 10th exam out of them four have been declared as qualified.

"This transformation showcases the collective dedication and relentless efforts of the teachers and students in pursuit of academic success," a school teacher said.

Similarly, in Kupwara district, a government high school located in a far off village of the district has improved its result this year despite facing several odds during the academic session.

As many as 20 students from the school had appeared in the exam out of which 19 have been declared as qualified by the JK Board of School Education (BOSE).

Last year the pass percentage of the school was only 65 percent which has increased to 95 percent this year.

The institution has improved the result despite facing dearth of staff and remained headless for several months.

"We had no subject specific teachers available and seven posts of master grade are vacant in the school. We are mostly ReT and erstwhile SSA teachers in the school," a school teacher said.

The result of class 10th Board examination (regular 2023) was declared on Monday with an overall pass percentage of 79.89 percent.

The class 10th examination in soft zone areas of Jammu and Kashmir was conducted by JKBOSE from March 9 of 2023 to April 5. The examination of students in hard zone areas was held in April and May of this year.

A total of 148701 students- Boys 77422 and Girls- 71279 had enrolled for the class 10th annual examination out of which 118791 students have qualified the exam with a pass percentage of 79.89 percent- 78.23 percent for Boys and 81.68 percent for girls.GK

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