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Felix School concludes Math & Science Teachers’ workshop in Leh

Felix School concludes Math & Science Teachers’ workshop in Leh

Divisional Commissioner Saugat Biswas gives away certificates

Leh, 29 June: Nanritam's Filix School of Education, West Bengal, in collaboration with the New Millennium Education Foundation, successfully organized a five-day-long workshop on activity-based, hands-on experimental pedagogy for teachers under the Education For All program. The workshop aimed to empower and train teachers in innovative teaching methods for Mathematics, Physics , and Chemistry from 24th June to 29th June, 2023. 

Divisional Commissioner Ladakh Saugat Biswas gave away certificates to the participating teachers. Fifty-nine teachers from various schools of Leh district including twenty five from DIET Leh and other Government schools participated in the five day workshop. 

The workshop, held in the serene region NMEF School of Ladakh, witnessed the participation of 59 teachers from 32 institutions, including 17 government schools, 14 private schools, and District Institute of Education and Training (DIET). The event brought together educators from diverse backgrounds, all eager to enhance their teaching skills and implement activity-based learning techniques in their classrooms.

The teachers were guided by a team of renowned educators from Nanritam's Filix School of Education, known for their expertise in innovative teaching methodologies. The sessions were carefully crafted to provide hands-on experience and practical exposure to various scientific concepts. Participants actively engaged in interactive demonstrations, experiments, and group activities designed to reinforce their understanding of Science and Mathematics.

Speaking during the valedictory function the workshop, Saugat Biswas, Divisional Commissioner, Ladakh said, "I am extremely happy to witness the expertise, passion and knowledge which was brought by the renowned academician from West Bengal to make the Science and Maths learning fun-filled process. The response from the participants has been overwhelming, and I am thrilled to see their eagerness to implement these pedagogical approaches in their classrooms."

The workshop not only aimed to enhance the teachers' understanding of science and mathematics but also provided them with the necessary tools and resources which is essentially “no cost low cost” to create an engaging and interactive learning environment for their students. By emphasizing activity-based learning, the workshop encouraged teachers to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among their students.

The participants expressed great interest in the workshop and recognized the value of activity-based learning in creating a stimulating educational experience. Many teachers requested that similar programs continue in the future to further enhance their teaching practices. They have already created online platform to keep the learning live.

The successful workshop was made possible through the collaboration between Nanritam's Filix School of Education and the New Millennium Education Foundation. The partnership between these esteemed institutions aims to revolutionize teaching and learning practices, ultimately contributing to the holistic development of students in Ladakh.

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