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JUIAK Commited to Enhancing Education for Students Belonging to Financially Backward Families

JUIAK Commited to Enhancing Education for Students Belonging to Financially Backward Families

Kargil, 21 June: Jamiyat Ullama Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK) Ladakh firmly believes in providing comprehensive education, encompassing both Islamic and academic teachings, to empower the youth. In line with this commitment, President JUIAK Ladakh, Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi, expressed his dedication to this noble cause during a meeting with the students of Jawadiah Project Care and Azzahra Girls Home. 

The gathering took place at the conference hall of the Isna Ashriya Complex Kargil.
President Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi commended and congratulated the district toppers, Bashir Ahmed, Arif Hussain, and K. Mustafa Khan, for their exceptional performance in the recently declared Class 10th examination and also to all the inmates of the Project and said that you all are toppers as you all are distinction holders with little difference in results.

The students of JPC who have completed their schooling from Jaffariya Academy of Modern Education (JAME) Kargil have scored average marks of 94.8% in the said exam bagging good result in the district. He stated, on behalf of JUIAK's executive members and donors who contribute to these projects, that the JUIAK is proud of their achievements.

During the gathering, President Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi also extended his congratulations to the students, their parents, and the executive members of both Jawadiah Project Care and Az-Zahra Girls Home for their unwavering dedication and hard work, leading to their success in the examination conducted by Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (BOSE).
Furthermore, President Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi acknowledged the significant efforts made by the teachers of JAME Kargil and the wardens of the units. He praised their sustained guidance, hard work, and dedication, which played a vital role in preparing the students for the examination.

Quoting the profound saying of Hazrat Imam Ali, "The Most Complete Gift of God is a Life Based on Knowledge," President Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi emphasized the importance of gaining knowledge for the betterment of oneself and society as a whole. He reiterated that a holistic education is essential to shape individuals into responsible and enlightened citizens.

JUIAK Ladakh remains committed to its mission of providing quality education and nurturing the intellectual and spiritual growth of students from financially backward families. Through initiatives like Jawadiah Project Care and Azzahra Girls Home, the organization continues to make a significant difference in the lives of young individuals, ensuring a brighter future for the community.

He further said that the future plan to to arrange coaching centres at Jammu or Srinagar to prepare the students for competative exams and their coaching will start in advance from 11 class only.
This will pave way to start the 3rd phase a little earlier benefiting the new batch to start earlier, he added.

Pertinent to mention here that Jawadiah Project Care (JPC) is an educational and social initiative established under JUIAK Ladakh. It aims to provide quality education to students from financially backward families. The project has garnered immense support from the local community, who generously contribute through monthly donations, enabling the creation of educational assets for the society.

Azzahra Girls Home, an orphanage under JUIAK Ladakh, serves as a safe haven for girls, providing them with not only shelter and care but also access to education and opportunities for personal development. The home is dedicated to nurturing the girls and empowering them to become confident and independent individuals.

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