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Kashmir's young female artist finds solace in calligraphy, becomes catalyst for economic empowerment

Kashmir's young female artist finds solace in calligraphy, becomes catalyst for economic empowerment

In a world consumed by technology and rapid changes, one young artist from North Kashmir's Bandipora district found solace and inspiration in the ancient art of calligraphy.

Shazia Anees, a teacher-turned-calligrapher, has captivated the hearts of locals with her exquisite creations, breathing new life into this time-honoured tradition.

With a master's degree in English literature, Shazia's journey into the world of calligraphy began during the challenging times of the pandemic. Immersed in solitude, she stumbled upon the beauty of this art form and instantly fell in love.

"It was love at first stroke," she expressed, her eyes sparkling with passion.

Shazia's academic background provided her with a solid foundation, but it was her deep connection with calligraphy that truly set her apart. Each stroke of her pen reflects a piece of her soul, and her creations are a window into her inner world.

"When you observe my work, you glimpse into my soul. It holds my hopes, dreams, and emotions," she revealed, her voice filled with raw authenticity.
Determined to share her art with the world, Shazia ventured into entrepreneurship.

The overwhelming support and encouragement she received from her friends, family, and the local community ignited a fire within her. Orders started pouring in, and she realized she had discovered her true calling.

"I'm grateful for the love and appreciation I have received. It has empowered me to turn my passion into a thriving business," she smiled.

Shazia's success is transforming her life and revitalizing the entire art of calligraphy in Kashmir.

Inspired by her and other talented female artists, the local community has embraced calligraphy as a symbol of their rich heritage. Her work serves as a reminder of the profound beauty and cultural legacy that Kashmir holds.

"I'm honored to contribute to the preservation and evolution of this timeless tradition," she humbly expressed.

The impact of Shazia's art goes beyond aesthetics. It has become a catalyst for economic empowerment, especially for young girls in the region. These women are breaking societal barriers by turning their artistic talents into viable businesses and paving the way for a brighter future.

Shazia spoke passionately about her aspirations, saying, "We want to inspire others, especially young girls, to explore their creativity and embrace the art of calligraphy. It has the power to transform lives."

"Over time, I developed my abilities and began promoting my calligraphy frames on Facebook and Instagram," she said, adding that the public appreciation of her art motivated her to start a business of calligraphy.

She initially maintained her expenses, used to save her pocket money and buy calligraphy supplies. "But now I make enough money to manage the costs of my supplies," she added.

Through her work and dedication, she is helping to preserve this ancient art form and bringing it to the new generations. Artists like her are using this traditional art form to express their creativity.

Notably, Calligraphy was introduced in Kashmir by a scholar Bulbul Shah in and around the fourteenth century.

As Shazia continues to immerse herself in her craft, the demand for her unique pieces grows. She remains hopeful about the future of calligraphy, believing that it will continue to captivate hearts and minds. With each stroke of her pen, she breathes life into a rich cultural tradition, ensuring its longevity and relevance in a rapidly changing world.

"Calligraphy is not just an art form; it is my refuge, my sanctuary," Shazia confided. "When I lose myself in the rhythm of the pen and the flow of ink, the worries of the world fade away. It is in those moments that I find harmony between my thoughts and the written word."

"Her art has breathed new life into our traditions. Shazia's calligraphy is not just beautiful; it connects us to our roots and reminds us of the rich heritage we carry within us," said Farida Bano, a resident of Bandipora. (ANI)

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