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Meet Snober Jeelani Shah, Kashmir's young and talented artist

Meet Snober Jeelani Shah, Kashmir's young and talented artist

In a world where art is a window to the soul, Snober Jeelani Shah, a 25-year-old professional artist hailing from the Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir, has emerged as a beacon of creativity and self-expression.

With her undeniable talent and unwavering dedication, Snober has established herself as a rising star in the art community, captivating audiences with her thought-provoking works that delve deep into the realms of introspection. Snober's artistic journey began in 2018, but her passion for art dates back much further. After completing her Bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of Kashmir in 2022, she embarked on a path to showcase her unique perspective through various platforms.

Notably, Snober participated in the prestigious Students Kochi Biennale 2021-22, under the guidance and curation of the esteemed Vasuda Thozur. This experience served as a pivotal moment in her career, allowing her to connect with fellow artists and expand her artistic horizons.

Reflecting on this opportunity, Snober said, "Participating in the Students Kochi Biennale was a transformative experience for me. It opened doors to new artistic possibilities and allowed me to interact with artists from diverse backgrounds, enriching my artistic journey."

Acknowledging the importance of continuous learning, Snober actively sought opportunities to refine her skills.

She attended a workshop organized by CP Krishnapriya at Kashmir University, which provided her with valuable insights and inspiration.

Additionally, she participated in an online workshop led by Sujit Malik in 2020, further enriching her artistic repertoire.

Talking about the impact of these workshops, Snober said, "Attending workshops has been instrumental in honing my artistic skills and expanding my creative vision. I am grateful for the valuable lessons and techniques I have learned, which have shaped my artistic journey."

For Snober, art is more than just a visual medium; it is a profound form of introspection.

"Art allows me to explore the depths of my thoughts and emotions, giving voice to the unspoken and unveiling hidden truths. It serves as a means of self-reflection, enabling me to better understand myself and the world around me," she said.

This introspective approach is evident in her artwork, which resonates with viewers on a deeper level, evoking a range of emotions and inviting introspection.

Throughout her journey, Snober credits her support system for fueling her passion. She expresses deep gratitude towards her friends, teachers, and family, who have always stood by her side.

However, Snober says that her mentor Showkat Kathjoo has played a vital role in shaping her artistic identity.

Speaking fondly of her mentor, Showkat Kathjoo, she said, "Mr Kathjoo has been my guiding light, constantly pushing me to challenge my boundaries and explore new artistic avenues. His unwavering belief in my abilities has been an endless source of inspiration."

The guidance and encouragement from her mentor have been pivotal in Snober's artistic growth and development.

Drawing inspiration from surrealist artists, Snober's work showcases a unique blend of imagination and reality. She seamlessly combines elements from her surroundings with abstract concepts, creating captivating visual narratives that stimulate the viewer's imagination.

Explaining her artistic approach, Snober says, "Surrealist artists have had a profound impact on my work. Their ability to merge the ordinary with the extraordinary has inspired me to explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression."

Snober's talent has garnered recognition, with her participation in notable exhibitions, such as the Yuva Sambhava by the Raza Foundation in 2022 and her involvement in the Students Kochi Biennale 2021. These exhibitions have provided Snober with a platform to showcase her unique artistic voice and connect with art enthusiasts worldwide.

Sharing her exhibition experiences, Snober shares, "Being part of these exhibitions has been a tremendous honour. It has given me the opportunity to share my artwork with a wider audience and receive valuable feedback that encourages me to continue pushing the boundaries of my artistic practice."

Her commitment to art extends beyond exhibitions, as she actively participates in national and local camps. In March 2023, she attended VITASTA, a 7-day installation camp organized by the Lalit Kala Academy in Pune, where she further honed her skills and collaborated with fellow artists.

"Participating in VITASTA was an immersive experience that allowed me to immerse myself in art and connect with artists who share the same passion. It was a transformative journey of creative exploration and self-discovery," she said.

Most recently, Snober enthusiastically participated in a 7-day camp at Pahalgam, organized by the Sansar Chand Baru Memorial Trust, named Kavya Bhoomi, in June 2023.

Talking about the same, Snober said, "The camp at Pahalgam provided me with a serene and picturesque backdrop to delve deeper into my artistic process. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, and fellow artists, and create art that reflects the essence of the beautiful Kashmiri landscape."

Through her thought-provoking works and relentless pursuit of artistic growth, Snober reminds us that art has the capacity to transcend boundaries, bridge gaps, and ignite a fire within each of us.

"Art is a language that speaks to the core of our being. I strive to create art that resonates with people on a deeper level, igniting emotions and sparking conversations. My ultimate goal is to touch hearts, inspire minds, and leave a lasting impact through my art," Snober said. (ANI)

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