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NEET UG 2023 Result: Twins from Kashmir village fulfil mother’s dream

NEET UG 2023 Result: Twins from Kashmir village fulfil mother’s dream

Hailing from Watoo village, some 20km from main Kulgam town, the twin sisters have also realised the dream of their mother, a school teacher.

Syed Sabiya had dreamt of becoming an IAS officer until her twin sister, Syed Bisma’s passion for MBBS influenced her to follow the same path. A year later, both sisters have successfully cleared the NEET examination.

The twin sisters, who reside in a remote village in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, are the daughters of a religious cleric who leads prayers in a local mosque.

“Bisma had aspired to be a doctor since her early childhood,” says their father Syed Sajad. “But Sabiya had initially wanted to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service. However, she later decided to follow Bisma’s chosen path.”

Originating from Watoo village, situated approximately 20 kilometers away from the main town of Kulgam in south Kashmir, the twin sisters have also fulfilled their mother’s dream, who works as a school teacher.

“While my father always expressed his contentment with whatever decision I made, my mother consistently desired for both of us to become doctors,” says 19-year-old Sabiya. “Numerous factors motivated me to prepare for the NEET, including my mother, my teachers, and a society that holds doctors in high regard.”

Sabiya commenced her education at New Era Private School in their village, while her sister studied at Kids Care Private School in Kapran village, located in the neighbouring Shopian district, where their aunt resided.

After their initial schooling, both sisters enrolled in separate government higher secondary schools in different villages.

Upon completing their 12th grade, the sisters relocated approximately 75 kilometers away to Srinagar for NEET coaching.

Despite hailing from a remote area, Sabiya believes that being from a village is no longer a disadvantage. “The internet has revolutionised everything,” she asserts. “It is as accessible to us as it is to boys and girls in Srinagar.”

Sabiya explains that both sisters prepared for the competitive exams together. “We maintained a regular study schedule of eight hours per day, but it required serious effort,” she shares. “In the days leading up to the exams, we extended our study hours to up to 16 hours a day.”

This year, three candidates, including one boy, from Watoo village, which comprises around 450 families, successfully qualified the NEET exams.

Twenty kilometers away from Watoo, Sumera Mehraj’s father, Mehrajudin Rangrez, finds it difficult to believe that his 21-year-old daughter has cleared the exams.

“Only God knows how challenging it is for a girl from a humble family to qualify for such an exam,” says Mehraj, who works as a driver for the Deputy Commissioner of Kulgam. “I can’t believe that she has actually made it.”

Sumera studied at GNV Ashmuqam for the past six years and narrowly missed selection last year. Mehraj explains that he was encouraged by his superior to send her for coaching this year, which turned her fortune around.

“Last year, she had secured 475 marks. For us, it seemed like the end of the dream,” he recalls. “But the sahib (DC) motivated and helped me to enroll her in coaching.”

Source: The Indian Express

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