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Prayers at Eid Gah Anantnag at 7:30 A.M: Jamia Masjid committee

Prayers at Eid Gah Anantnag at 7:30 A.M: Jamia Masjid committee

Jamia Masjid Committee in Anantnag has announced the timing for Eid prayers and said Eid -ul Adha prayers will be offered at 7:30 AM in the Eid Gah of Anantnag at Janglat Mandi.

“The Tableegh shall begin at 6:45 AM and the prayers shall be offered at 7:30 AM at Eid Gah Janglat Mandi. People from nearby areas are requested to participate the largest congregation expected in Anantnag district,” the Jamia Masjid committee said.

The Committee has advised people to bring along their prayer mats and said separate arrangements have been made for women.

In view of the extreme heat, people are advised to carry along water bottles and keep young children hydrated. “Parents should watch their children and ensure that they are hydrated enough to not catch the effect of direct sunlight,” Jamia Masjid committee Anantnag said in a statement.

“Ulema should not break the spirit of unity of Muslims. Throughout Kashmir, Eid prayers should be offered at central locations not in every mosque. Prayers should be avoided in every mosque. It breaks the true spirit of unity among Muslims and is not as per the principles of Islam,” said the committee. (The Kashmiriyat)

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