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PSAJK Congratulates Class 10 Pass-Outs

PSAJK Congratulates Class 10 Pass-Outs

Srinagar: The Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has extended its heartiest congratulations to the students who have qualified the Class 10 examinations.

The Association said that it is a moment of pride that 78% of boys and 81% of girls have cleared the exam. “We need to congratulate students, parents, teachers, and schools, as it is their combined effort that has resulted in this success,” said a spokesperson for PSAJK.

The Association said that the positive result has been achieved despite so many problems. “These students had come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and other restrictions. They had suffered greatly. On the other hand, our schools also suffered during this time. Even last year, a number of our schools faced challenging situations due to land issues and other orders from the administration,” said the spokesperson. “Class 10 students usually study entirely in schools and rarely go for coaching. So the success deserves double clapping.”

The Association said that, as expected, private schools have once again come out as torchbearers. Even our budget schools, which suffered under these circumstances, have come out as a beacon of hope. Their students have scored excellently. “Our success is an answer to the critics. If private schools can achieve under so much bureaucratic red tape and attacks from unscrupulous elements, then one can imagine how much they will achieve in a free atmosphere,” said the spokesperson.


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