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Sharik Ahmad Mir a 23 years old author got admission offer letter from University of California

Sharik Ahmad Mir a 23 years old author got admission offer letter from University of California

Bandipora, June 15: Sharik Ahmad mir 23 year old boy from bandipora MBA student and author of many books got offer admission letter through University of California
After completing his schooling at Space Age Model School Bandipora, he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Kashmir and is currently pursuing his post-graduation MbA through Cluster University of Kashmir.

young writer from  
north Kashmir’s Bandipora district, got offer letter through University of California, for further studies , sharik Ahmad mir dreams of becoming an civil service officer.

while talking to the reporter sharik ahmad mir said, “I have written 4 books, both of which have been successfully published. 2 books has been published globally across 150 countries .The situation made me do this and my sufferings and thoughts inspired me to wipe away all my depression and stress through pen and paper. ALL My books are self-help books

Besides writing books, “I have only one hobby, and it consumes all my free time. I enjoy reading and have always been a voracious reader. Although I prefer reading non-fiction, I make a deliberate effort to read at least one non-fiction book every couple of weeks. My hobby is reading, and I feel that it is a great hobby.

Sharik, a budding writer from north Kashmir, “believes that writing is a beautiful way to express one’s self and to free one’s imagination.”

“I have loved writing ever since I learned how to put sentences together. It is so much easier for me to get my feelings across in my diaries or I can say on paper since I am not very verbal with people,” Sharik said.

And now I got offer admission letter through University of California.

My dream is to become ‘an civil service officer’ to responsible for improving social infrastructure and curbing corruption to counter poverty,” he said.
“I believe a person should share his/her knowledge because if a person leaves this world, their knowledge will stay alive. I believe that you may not always find a mentor, but you can always be self-taught. ‘The only problem is that you tackle a lot of hardships, failures, rejections, and embarrassment before being successful when you are self-taught,” he added.

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