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Education department bans corporal punishment in schools across Kashmir

Education department bans corporal punishment in schools across Kashmir

Srinagar, July 27: School Education Department Thursday ordered blanket ban on corporal punishment and other forms of child abuse in the educational institutes across Kashmir division.

According to an order, a copy which lies with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Director of School Education Kashmir states that distressing complaints are pouring in regarding corporal punishment to the students in schools as per the report received from IMHANS-K resulting in Mental Health issues in school going children. 

The order reads that the negative consequences of corporal punishment not only hinder the learning and development of the affected children but also create an environment of fear and hostility within the Educational Institutions

“Corporal punishment has an ill effect on the mental health of the child which is the cause of concern for the parents and the department.”

It added that whenever a child is assaulted, abused, exposed or neglected in a manner to cause physical or mental suffering by any person employed by or managing an organisation, which is entrusted with the care and protection of the child, the punishment would be rigorous imprisonment up to three years and fine up to Rs five lakh.

“On account of the cruelty, if the child is physically incapacitated or develops a mental illness or is rendered mentally unfit to perform regular tasks or has risk to life or limb, then imprisonment may extend up to ten years,” it reads—(KNO)

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