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Freezer, cooler, refrigerator and room warmer: Kulgam boy designs ‘4in1’ machine

Freezer, cooler, refrigerator and room warmer: Kulgam boy designs ‘4in1’ machine

Munad Gufan (Kulgam), July 09: Momin Ishaq Teli, a remarkable 12-year-old boy hailing from the Munad Gufan region in South Kashmir's Kulgam district, has once again stunned the world with his extraordinary talent.

Despite his tender age and being merely a third-grade student, Momin has achieved what many adults can only dream of – two ground-breaking inventions under his belt.

His latest creation, a versatile multitasking machine capable of performing a multitude of tasks simultaneously, follows his previous triumph in designing a cost-effective egg incubator.

Momin has invented a machine that can function as a freezer, cooler, room warmer, and refrigerator. Momin previously invented an egg incubator that can hatch up to 50 eggs at once.

“It took me about five months to come up with this idea. After finishing the incubator for eggs, I began work on this invention. This is a multitasking machine that will be useful in all temperatures,” he said.

He said that the machine also functions on solar energy in case of a power outage. 

Momin said that the multitasking machine has a scroll bar that can be adjusted to the desired temperature. 
"When the scroll bar switch is set to maximum, it will freeze to - 15°C and assist us keep the products fresh," he said. 

The machine can hold up to 7 kilograms of meat, cold beverages, and a variety of other items.

“On Eid ul Adha, we only stored meat in this machine and it's still fresh, the minus 15°C has helped us to store the meat comfortably in this multitasking machine,” he said.

“On the back side, the machines have been equipped with both hot and cold AC, which will be beneficial for the user's convenience,” he said.

Mohd Ishaq, father of Momin, told Rising Kashmir that he is quite pleased with his son's innovation and hopes that authorities would soon recognise it.

“The multitasking machine is very good and maybe a breakthrough for people looking for multiple uses in one machine. My son had to purchase a few parts from other states, and it took him a lot of hard work to make it functional,” Ishaq added.

Momin after innovating the low cost egg incubator was also appreciated by Deputy Commissioner, Kulgam who presented him with a cash award of 20K and wished him the best for future endeavors. (Rising Kashmir)

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