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Unemployment Crisis Grips J&K: 6 Lakh Jobless Youth Struggle for Opportunities

Unemployment Crisis Grips J&K: 6 Lakh Jobless Youth Struggle for Opportunities

Srinagar: A dire unemployment crisis continues to grip Jammu and Kashmir with an alarming number of educated youth struggling to find employment opportunities.

According to recent data, approximately 6 lakh educated individuals in Jammu and Kashmir remain unemployed, exacerbating social and economic challenges.

As per the official figures, the Department of Employment conducted an extensive survey across all districts of the Union Territory between March and May 2022, in collaboration with district administrations.

The survey revealed that as of May 31, 2022, there were 663,511 unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir.

"However, 10-15 percent of these individuals are self-employed, engaged in agricultural ventures, or run small businesses in their villages. Thus, the actual number of unemployed youth seeking employment stands at a staggering 563,984," the official figures reveal.

The gravity of the situation is further emphasized by the fact that out of the total unemployed, a significant proportion, approximately 1.99 lakh individuals, have registered themselves with the government's employment portal.

This demonstrates the desperation among the educated youth to secure gainful employment and highlights the need for immediate action.

The Directorate of Employment provided this information in reply to an RTI application filed by M M Shuja.

As per the official documents, the Jammu and Kashmir Self Employment Scheme (JKSES), in the past, played a crucial role in addressing unemployment among the educated youth.

"During the budget announcements of 2015-16, the scheme was subsumed into the Seed Capital Scheme of the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Institute (JKEDI)," the official figures reveal.

Presently, the department has submitted guidelines for the implementation of self-employment schemes, such as the Seed Capital Fund Scheme and Youth Start-up Loan, through the Directorate of Employment, which were previously under the purview of JKEDI.

"Additionally, proposals for the revival of the J&K Overseas Corporation are also under examination," the official documents reveal.

The Directorate of Employment has taken some steps to mitigate the unemployment crisis, organising various job fairs throughout the year 2022-23.

"Through these initiatives, 785 unemployed youth were successfully placed in the private sector. Furthermore, employment opportunities have been provided through self-employment schemes implemented by JKEDI and the Jammu and Kashmir Women's Development Corporation (J&KWDC)," the document reads.

To address the escalating crisis, the Directorate of Employment has expanded its efforts by conducting employment and unemployment surveys at the village level.

"This data is crucial in assessing the current state of joblessness and formulating effective policies. The surveys have indicated an unemployment rate of 8.31 percent based on the 2011 census," the data reveals.

As per the official data, the Directorate of Employment has been organising job fairs since 2022 at both district and divisional levels, providing a common platform for job seekers and employers to connect.

"These fairs aim to bridge the gap between job providers and the growing number of job seekers in the region," the document reads.

The official figures reveal that around 84 Job Fairs were conducted by the directorate of employment during 2022-23 which witnessed the participation of 878 companies and 45447 unemployed youth as well.

During the job fairs, 14014 youth were shortlisted while on spot placement of 1761 unemployed youth was done as well. Also, on-spot registration of 16413 unemployed youth was also done during these job fairs and 2978 youth were recommended for skilling as well.

Source: Greater Kashmir/ Agencies 

Disclaimer: The following story has not been edited by J&K Student Alerts (JKSA) staff except for the heading.

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