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Ganderbal girls launch "Valley Adventurous Club" to empower, inspire

Ganderbal girls launch "Valley Adventurous Club" to empower, inspire

Umar Raina

Ganderbal, Sep 25: In a groundbreaking initiative, a group of young girls from Central Kashmir's Ganderbal district has set out on a mission to explore the picturesque valley by launching the "Valley Adventurous Club."

This pioneering endeavor marks the first time that girls from Central Kashmir's Ganderbal have come together to establish a trekking club dedicated to nurturing their passion for adventure, including trekking and hiking.
Tabia Jan, the founder of the trekking group, expressed the club's primary aim:

"We created this trekking group exclusively for girls with the goal of providing an outlet to escape stress, depression, and other social challenges. The recent rise in suicide events among the youth motivated us to take action and offer a pathway to happiness and a healthier lifestyle."

Girls from various districts, including Ganderbal, Bandipora, Srinagar, Budgam, and Baramulla, have enthusiastically joined the club. They find comfort and security in this girls-only group, which allows them to immerse themselves in the wonders of adventure safely.

One club member shared her experience, saying, "Being a part of this club has been amazing and adventurous. We gain a wealth of knowledge during our treks, enjoy ourselves, and always feel secure and safe. I've been a member for two months and plan to stay as long as possible."

Another member added, "I was always enthusiastic about trekking but struggled to find the right platform. Joining this club was one of my best decisions. I feel empowered, secure, and more knowledgeable after every trek."

The club has also created opportunities for girls to take pride in their trekking achievements and share their travel stories with friends and family.

In a world where many girls of their age are immersed in cartoons and smartphones or battling stress, the members of the Valley Adventurous Club find solace and empowerment in their love for trekking.

The club's members have successfully completed numerous treks in Ganderbal's Naranag, Mohandmarg and Bandipora districts and have ambitious plans to explore various trekking destinations throughout the valley. However, they face a significant challenge: a lack of financial support and sponsorships.

The club appeals to authorities and potential sponsors to provide genuine support, recognizing that such backing will not only facilitate their adventures but also help steer youth away from social challenges and towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, contributing positively to the nation's development. (Rising Kashmir)

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