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Delayed Joining of Junior Assistants: A Concerning Issue

Delayed joining of Junior Assistants

Urgent Intervention Needed

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES), has adopted an irrational and frustrating process for engaging recruits, which has caused anxiety among selected Junior Assistants.

The situation created by the DES is distinctive and carries significant implications. It’s important to clarify that the selection and referral of candidates through the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board is a well-thought-out process that takes into consideration the department’s requirements, financial provisions, and Government policies. 

It’s worth noting that DES is not the only department that went through the recruitment process for Junior Assistants. A total of 1534 posts were advertised, and candidates were selected through a proper and rigorous selection process. 

However, due to the lengthy procedure involved in JKSSB recruitment, the final selection list often gets delayed, and selected candidates are required to fulfil various formalities, including CID verification.

The current situation is worrisome for the selected candidates of DES, who have been left waiting for over seven months.

Government jobs are highly sought-after, and once an individual is selected, they typically stop applying for other jobs. This delay is causing significant mental stress and financial loss, especially for those who resigned from their private job in anticipation of joining DES. 

The suggestion of adjusting these candidates to other departments is not justified, as they had originally chosen DES as their preference. The situation calls for urgent intervention from higher authorities to resolve the deadlock. The youth are suffering unnecessarily through no fault of theirs, which is indeed unjustifiable.

The authorities must expedite the process and ensure the selected candidates are onboarded in DES as soon as possible to alleviate their distress and fulfil their dreams of serving in Government positions.

All the advertised positions of Junior Assistant, Cashier, Clerk, Store Attendant, Cadrex Clerk, and Computer-cum-Junior Assistant in various Government Departments have their importance in the office. While these positions may be clerical, they play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an office. 

The individuals in these roles handle important official tasks, and a shortfall of over forty such vital officials can indeed have a significant impact on office output. 

The delay in onboarding these selected candidates places an additional burden on the already-working employees, which is far from an ideal situation. 

Seven months is a considerable amount of time for the candidates to wait for their appointments, and they have faced financial losses as a result of this delay.

The decision-makers need to respond to this situation with compassion and urgency. The selected candidates deserve a prompt resolution to compensate for their financial losses.

The situation demands a thorough investigation to uncover the reasons behind the delay in allowing these selected candidates to join their positions. Accountability must be established to identify the individuals or processes responsible for creating this unfortunate situation.

The affected candidates have been waiting for an extended period and are facing unnecessary stress and financial difficulties. The Government Departments involved should not evade their responsibility in this matter. 

A transparent and expeditious investigation should be conducted to understand the root causes of the delay and to ensure that corrective measures are taken promptly.

This will not only provide relief to the selected candidates but also uphold the integrity of the recruitment process and the accountability of Government Departments. The higher authorities must prioritise finding a solution so that these candidates can finally join their offices and begin their Government service without further delay. 

Expediting the onboarding process will ensure that these vital positions are filled timely to maintain the efficient functioning of the office. In this entire scenario, the most pivotal element is time. 

This would not only be a just response but also contribute to improving the overall productivity and effectiveness of the Government Department involved. (Agencies)

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