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J&K School Education Department Approves In-Situ Promotions for Masters, Lecturers, and Headmasters – Complete Checklist Provided

J&K School Education Department Approves In-Situ Promotions for Masters, Lecturers, and Headmasters – Complete Checklist Provided

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir's School Education Department has given its approval for the In-Situ Promotion of Masters, Lecturers, and Headmasters under the Higher Standard Pay Scale Scheme. This significant move, in line with SRO-14 of 1996, SRO-225 of 1997, and SRO-42 of 2011, aims to provide timely promotions and corresponding pay scale adjustments to eligible individuals.

Key Highlights:

1. Scope of PromotionIn-Situ Promotions have been granted to 35 Masters, Lecturers, and Headmasters in Jammu Division. The details, including pay scale and grade pay, can be found in the attached Annexure "A."

2. Conditions for PromotionDetailed conditions have been laid out, ensuring that officials meet the necessary criteria, including completing the required years of service without interruption.

3. Verification ProcessChief Education Officers and Drawing and Disbursing Officers are entrusted with verifying the particulars of each official against their original service records before approving the promotion.

4. Suspension and Charge-SheetEmployees under suspension or facing charge-sheet proceedings are ineligible for a higher standard pay scale.

5. Designation and SeniorityThe In-Situ promotion will not alter the existing designation, seniority, or duties of the employees.

6. Leave Period ConsiderationPeriods of leave without allowances that were not approved by the competent authority will not be counted for the purpose of annual increment.

7. Refusal of PromotionEmployees who refuse promotion for any reason will not be eligible for the benefits outlined in this promotion scheme.

8. Satisfactory Work and ConductThe concerned eligible employee must have maintained satisfactory work and conduct, as evidenced by Annual Performance Reports (APRs) over the preceding three years.

9. Pending CasesEmployees with pending criminal cases or proceedings will not be considered for In-Situ Promotion until the resolution of such matters.

10. Verification ResponsibilityChief Education Officers must ensure that employees hold substantive appointments and have genuine appointments before implementing the promotion order.

11. Transfer ConsiderationIn case of transfer, the fixation and monetary benefits can be settled by either of the two officers (DDOs).

12. Service VerificationThe DDO concerned is responsible for verifying and recording service details up to the order's issuance date.

Checklist and PDF Download:

Access the complete checklist and details by downloading the PDF [Here] Stay informed about these crucial updates in the education sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

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