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GMC Anantnag Vacancies: Over 400 Posts Await Fulfillment, Reveals RTI Data

GMC Anantnag Vacancies: Over 400 Posts Await Fulfillment, Reveals RTI Data

The Government Medical College (GMC) in Anantnag, Kashmir, faces a significant shortage of staff, with over 400 gazetted and non-gazetted positions lying vacant. An RTI inquiry has shed light on the alarming situation, revealing the extent of the vacancies and their impact on healthcare services.

Unveiling the Vacancies:
  • According to recent revelations from the Kashmir News Observer (KNO), GMC Anantnag grapples with a staggering deficit of manpower, with approximately 100 gazetted and 300 non-gazetted positions remaining unfilled.
  • Despite efforts to address the shortage through academic arrangements, the vacancies persist, posing challenges to the efficient functioning of the medical college and the delivery of quality healthcare services to the community.

Gazetted Staff Shortfall:
  • The RTI inquiry exposes a stark reality, indicating that out of the sanctioned positions for professors, only a single permanent professor is presently stationed, with the majority filled on academic arrangements or left vacant.
  • Similarly, associate professor and assistant professor/lecturer positions exhibit significant gaps, with several posts remaining unoccupied despite the pressing need for qualified medical professionals.

Non-Gazetted Staff Depletion:
  • The dearth of non-gazetted staff further exacerbates the staffing crisis at GMC Anantnag, with critical roles such as demonstrators, registrars/senior residents, lady medical officers, and casualty medical officers witnessing considerable vacancies.
  • The absence of nursing staff, paramedical staff, and other essential positions underscores the urgency of addressing the manpower shortage to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services and patient care.

Impact and Implications:
  • The persistent vacancies at GMC Anantnag not only strain the existing workforce but also jeopardize the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.
  • Patients may experience delays in receiving medical attention, and the overall functioning of the medical college could be compromised without adequate staffing levels.
  • Urgent intervention is imperative to recruit qualified professionals and alleviate the burden on existing staff members, thereby safeguarding the well-being of patients and fulfilling the mandate of GMC Anantnag.


The revelation of over 400 vacant positions at GMC Anantnag serves as a wakeup call, urging authorities to prioritize recruitment efforts and address the critical shortage of staff. Swift action is essential to fortify healthcare infrastructure and ensure seamless healthcare services for the people of Anantnag and beyond.

[Source: Kashmir News Observer -KNO]

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