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J&K Government Restores Waiting List for Recruitments: What You Need to Know

J&K Government Restores Waiting List for Recruitments: What You Need to Know

In a significant decision, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has restored the waiting list for recruitments to public services. This move, approved during a meeting of the Administrative Council chaired by LG Manoj Sinha, aims to streamline the recruitment process and fill vacancies efficiently.

Key Decision Highlights:

1. Restoration of Enabling Provisions:

The Administrative Council reconsidered its earlier decision and restored the enabling provisions for drawing up wait lists in recruitment to public services in the Government.
2. Withdrawal of Amendments
  • Amendments made to various recruitment rules, including the J&K Civil Services Decentralization and Recruitment Rules, 2010, have been withdrawn.
3. Grant of One-Time Exemption:
  • Recruiting agencies have been granted a one-time exemption to draw up wait lists within six months for select lists issued since the earlier decision.
4. Conditions for Wait List Drawing:
  • The wait list(s) must be drawn within the validity period of the select list, and resultant vacancies due to non-joining of selected candidates should not have been re-advertised.
Benefits of the Decision:
  • Timely Filling of Vacancies: Restoring the waiting list will expedite the filling of vacant positions in public services.
  • Avoidance of Delays: The decision will prevent delays in re-referral of vacancies, ensuring a smoother recruitment process.
  • Reduction of Time Consumption: By streamlining the process, the time consumed in subsequent selections will be minimized.
  • Opportunity for Candidates: Candidates will have the chance to secure employment before reaching the upper-age limit, enhancing opportunities for employment.


The restoration of the waiting list for recruitments by the J&K Government reflects its commitment to efficient governance and timely service delivery. This decision will not only benefit recruiting agencies but also provide opportunities for deserving candidates. Stay updated for further developments in the recruitment process as the waiting list is drawn up within the specified timeframe.

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