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JKBOSE Important Exam Instructions: Guidelines for Classes 10th, 11th & 12th Annual Regular 2024

JKBOSE Exam Instructions: Guidelines for Classes 10th, 11th & 12th Annual Regular 2024

As the annual board examinations approach, it's crucial for students to adhere to the examination guidelines provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE). Here's a comprehensive overview of the instructions for examinees appearing in the SSE (10th), HSP-I (11th), and HSP-II (12th) sessions for the academic year 2024.

Instructions for Examinees:

1. Roll Number Placement: Write your Roll Number in the designated boxes on the right-hand side of the title page of the Answer Book.

2. Ink Usage: Use only BLUE ink or ball pen for writing answers. Other colors such as GREEN, RED, or BLACK are not permitted.

3. Identity Disclosure: Avoid disclosing your identity by writing your name or any other identification mark in the Answer Book.
4. Blank Sheets: Cross all blank sheets or portions of a sheet, as leaving them blank may be considered unfair means.
5. Unfair Means: Indulging in unfair means or misconduct during the examination will result in strict punishment as per Board rules.
6. Electronic Devices: Multi-functional devices are prohibited in the examination hall, except for simple calculators, which are allowed.

Additional Instructions for Examinees:

1. Answer Book Pages: The answer book consists of 28 pages, including the title and back pages. Report any discrepancies in the page count to the Centre Superintendent.
2. Unfair Means Offences: Using any type of unfair means in the examination hall is considered an offence and may lead to disqualification for up to five years. Offences include, but are not limited to, identity disclosure, possessing unauthorized materials, tearing pages, using high-tech gadgets, and disobedience to examination staff.
3. Frisking: All examinees may be frisked by authorized personnel during the examination to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.
4. Margin Usage: Avoid writing outside the margins of the answer sheets.


It's essential for students to familiarize themselves with these instructions and strictly adhere to them during the examinations. Following these guidelines will ensure a fair and smooth conduct of the examination process and prevent any instances of misconduct or unfair means.

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