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JKBOSE New Norms: Subject Change and Re-admission Guidelines 2024

JKBOSE New Norms: Subject Change and Re-admission Guidelines 2024

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has recently introduced new norms and regulations governing the subject change and re-admission processes for senior secondary classes, starting from the academic year 2023-24. These updates aim to simplify procedures and provide clarity to students regarding their academic choices. Let's delve into the details of these revised guidelines to understand them better.

Existing Rule for Subject Changes:

Under the current regulations, students appearing for the Higher Secondary Examination Part-I and Part-II have the option to request a change of subjects within their respective streams. This means that if a student wishes to change a subject in which they have failed or have been placed in the re-appear category, they can do so without re-appearing in the subjects they have already passed. However, if a student intends to switch their entire subject stream, they must seek cancellation of their previous results, except for English.

Amendments for Subject Changes:

The amended rules maintain the provision for subject changes within the same stream without the need to re-appear in previously passed subjects. However, the significant change lies in the allowance for students to switch their entire subject stream, provided they are willing to cancel their previous results at their own risk and responsibility. This means that students can now transition from one stream to another (e.g., from Arts to Science or Commerce and vice versa) by applying for cancellation of their previous results.

Existing Rules for Re-admission:

In line with the existing regulations, students who have left their school without appearing in any board examination are eligible for fresh admission in the subsequent academic session. However, those who have been declared under the re-appear or failure categories in previous exams are not permitted to seek further re-admission as regular students. They may, however, appear for exams privately.

Amended Rules for Re-admission:

The revised guidelines stipulate that students seeking re-admission in Class 11th can do so only in the next subsequent academic session, irrespective of their previous performance. Additionally, students opting for a change in their subject stream must ensure the cancellation of their previous results within fifteen days from the declaration of their results. It's crucial to note that such students cannot retain awards for any previously passed subjects.


JKBOSE's new guidelines for subject changes and re-admission seek to simplify the academic process while providing students with more flexibility in their educational pursuits. These amendments aim to ensure fairness and efficiency within the education system while accommodating the diverse needs and aspirations of students.

Stay tuned to JKBOSE's official announcements for any further updates or changes to these regulations.

Source: Kashmir News Observer -KNO

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