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Ladakh Establishes Autonomous Service Selection Board for Non-Gazetted Post Recruitment

Ladakh Establishes Autonomous Service Selection Board for Non-Gazetted Post Recruitment

In a significant stride towards enhancing efficiency and transparency in recruitment processes, the administration of Ladakh has taken a bold step by establishing its own autonomous Service Selection Board (SSB). This move aims to streamline the selection process for Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted) and all Group 'C' UT/Divisional Cadre positions, ensuring fairness and uniformity throughout.

Background and Motivation:
  • Modernization Drive: Ladakh's decision to create the Service Selection Board reflects its commitment to modernizing recruitment practices.
  • Guided by Authority: Following the delegation of powers by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, the region now possesses the authority to establish rules governing recruitment methods and qualification criteria.

Key Highlights of the Order:
  • Transparent Procedures: The order emphasizes the administration's goal to establish a uniform and transparent process for recruitment.
  • Autonomous Body: The Service Selection Board will operate as an autonomous body, tasked with overseeing recruitment without altering existing rules.
  • Technological Integration: Effective utilization of technology is a key focus area, aimed at optimizing recruitment processes and ensuring fairness for all candidates.

Implications and Future Prospects:
  • Fair Opportunity: The establishment of the Service Selection Board underscores Ladakh's commitment to providing a fair opportunity to all candidates.
  • Streamlined Procedures: With the SSB in place, Ladakh anticipates a more streamlined and efficient recruitment process, minimizing delays and discrepancies.


The establishment of the Service Selection Board marks a significant milestone in Ladakh's journey towards modernizing recruitment practices. By prioritizing transparency, fairness, and technological integration, the administration aims to create a level playing field for all candidates aspiring for Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted) and Group 'C' positions in the region. Stay tuned for further updates as Ladakh's recruitment landscape continues to evolve under the purview of the newly formed Service Selection Board.

[Source: Kashmir News Observer -KNO]

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