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Facebook and Instagram Hit by Major Outage: Users Struggle to Access Accounts

Facebook and Instagram Hit by Major Outage: Users Struggle to Access Accounts

Today, Facebook and Instagram users worldwide are encountering a frustrating hurdle as both platforms experience a widespread outage. Thousands of users are reporting issues accessing their accounts, highlighting a significant disruption in social media services.

Reports of the outage began surfacing around 3:00 pm, leaving users unable to log in or access essential features on both Facebook and Instagram. Downdetector, a platform that monitors service disruptions, has recorded over 90,000 reports for Facebook and more than 16,000 for Instagram, marking one of the most substantial outages Meta (formerly Facebook) has faced in recent years.

The cause of the outage remains unclear, leaving users speculating about the underlying technical glitch. Frustrated by the disruption, many affected individuals have turned to alternative social media platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter), to express their grievances.

One user, named Cryto, lamented, "Facebook is Down. Can't access my account," while another user, Hickman, echoed similar sentiments, stating, "Facebook Down/Instagram Down everything in Meta down."


The widespread outage of Facebook and Instagram underscores the critical role these platforms play in the daily lives of millions worldwide. As users await resolution from Meta's technical team, the incident serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of social media and the importance of prompt and effective technical support.

[Source: Agencies]

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