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FFRC Warns Private Schools: Hefty Admission Fee Charging and Advance Fee Practices Under Scrutiny

FFRC Warns Private Schools: Hefty Admission Fee Charging and Advance Fee Practices Under Scrutiny

In a recent development, the Jammu and Kashmir Committee for Fixation and Regulation of Fee Of Private Schools (FFRC) issued a stern warning to private schools regarding the imposition of hefty admission fees and the practice of charging advance fees. This move comes as the committee seeks to ensure fair and transparent fee structures across educational institutions in the region.

The FFRC's directive came in response to multiple complaints lodged against a prominent private school in Srinagar, R.P. School LawayPora, for allegedly charging an exorbitant admission fee amounting to Rs. 45,000 from students. Despite the committee's previous circular explicitly prohibiting the imposition of admission fees, the complaints persisted, prompting further investigation.

Upon scrutiny, it was revealed that the school management had indeed collected Rs. 45,000 from students under the guise of an advance fee, covering tuition fees, annual charges, transportation fees, and registration fees for a six-month period. Despite claims to the contrary, the FFRC found that the collected amount exceeded reasonable fee structures.

Consequently, the committee mandated the school to adjust the fee structure accordingly, ensuring that fees are set at a fair and equitable level. Furthermore, the FFRC emphasized that such practices are in direct violation of established regulations and must cease immediately to maintain the integrity of the education system.

In light of this incident, the FFRC issued a clear warning to private schools, cautioning them against engaging in similar practices that exploit students and contravene statutory guidelines. Moving forward, the committee reaffirmed its commitment to monitoring fee structures and ensuring compliance with established regulations to uphold the rights of students and parents alike.

The FFRC's decisive action serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability within the education sector, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding the interests of students and fostering a conducive learning environment for all.

[Source: Kashmir News Observer - KNO]

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