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School Education Department Cracks Down: Teachers Demoted for Fake Degrees

School Education Department Cracks Down: Teachers Demoted for Fake Degrees

In a recent development, the School Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir has taken decisive action against fraudulent academic credentials. Two teachers, Anita Sharma and Raman Chanyal, have been demoted for securing promotions based on fake postgraduate degrees. Here's a closer look at the incident and its implications.

The Demotion:

  • Anita Sharma and Raman Chanyal, serving as Principals of Higher Secondary Schools in Sarna and Machhedi respectively, came under scrutiny for their academic qualifications.

Investigation Findings:
  • An investigation uncovered that both teachers allegedly obtained postgraduate degrees in Chemistry from Magadh University in 2003, despite the university not offering such a course at the time.

Disciplinary Action:
  • As a result of the investigation, Anita Sharma and Raman Chanyal have been demoted from their positions and reverted back to teaching roles.

Career Progression Based on Fraudulent Degrees:

Anita Sharma's Career Path:
  • Sharma was promoted to the position of in-charge lecturer in 2004, and later posted at Government Higher Secondary School in Mansar.
  • However, her inability to provide original qualification documents led to the suspension of her allowances between 2004 and 2006.

Official Directive:
  • On March 5, the School Education Department issued an order instructing the Chief Education Officers of Samba and Kathua districts to reassign Sharma and Chanyal to teaching roles.
The demotion of Anita Sharma and Raman Chanyal highlights the zero-tolerance approach of the School Education Department towards academic fraud. Such actions serve as a deterrent against dishonest practices and uphold the integrity of the education system. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

[Source: Kashmir News Observer - KNO]

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