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KU Undergraduates Request Date Sheet Revision Due to Lack of Preparation Time for Back-to-Back Backlog Papers

KU’s Undergraduate Students Urge Varsity Authorities To Revise Date Sheets Over ‘Lack of Preparation Time’ To Appear in ‘Back-to-back’ Backlog Papers

Aggrieved students are requested to forward a formal request: KU Official
Asif Iqbal

Srinagar, May 03: The under-graduate students pursuing their Bachelors’ degrees from different colleges, affiliated with Kashmir University, have expressed their resentment and asked for revision of recently announced datesheets.

Talking to GNS over phone, a group of students from sixth semester claimed that the date sheets announced for backlog semesters have caused the students anguish, as they have to appear in two back-to-back papers on a daily basis.

“The University recently announced date sheets for students from first to fifth semester in a single go and there are many students who have backlog papers in more than one semester, how is it possible for anyone to appear in two back-to-back papers in a single day, while we still are appearing in exams of sixth semester,” the students said.

“Would we be appearing for our backlog papers’ or regular papers’,” questioned the students, adding, “It is a sheer injustice with the students as they won’t be having any time to prepare for any of the papers.”

“We urge the varsity to kindly review and revise the date sheets' announced,” they said.

Another group of students also lamented the ‘hasty approach’ of Kashmir University in the drafting of datesheets. “The University authorities should revise the datesheets for the larger benefit of students,” they said.

When contacted, a Kashmir University official told GNS that they have knowledge of the things and students need not to be concerned about anything. “There is a single backlog paper which has been scheduled in the morning for those regular sixth semester students’ who have failed in the particular paper, otherwise there is nothing the students need to be concerned about,” the official said.

When asked about the citing of ‘lack of preparation time’ by the students, the official said the students who might be facing any issue can reach us through official mail.

“If any student has any grievance, he/she is requested to forward a formal request,” the official added. (GNS)

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