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SMVDU, research scholar qualified CSIR-SRF

SMVDU, research scholar qualified CSIR-SRF

Katra, May 24: Rajeshwer Singh Jamwal, a research scholar from the School of Biotechnology working under the Supervision of Dr. Rakesh Kumar in the School of Biotechnology, SMVDU, has successfully qualified for the Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) awarded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) at the national level. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Jamwal’s hard work and dedication to his field of study.

Jamwal is working on the topic entitled “Characterisation of DNA Damage Associated Genes in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancerin Population of Jammu And Kashmir, India”. His work delves into the genetic factors influencing Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer susceptibility within this specific regional context.

Publications across journals such as Cancer Epidemiology, Molecular Biology Reports, and BMC Cancer highlight significant findings, including the impact of single nucleotide variants in genes like REV3L on lung cancer risk, and the role of telomere attrition in Lung cancer development. These studies underscore the importance of targeted genetic research and pave the way for personalized medicine approaches, potentially revolutionizing prevention, and treatment strategies for cancer in genetically diverse populations like that of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jamwal extends his heartfelt gratitude to his Supervisor, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Head, SoBT, Dr. Ratna Chandra, and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Pragati Kumar for their unwavering infrastructural and administrative support. (Rising Kashmir)

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