Woman Buried Alive By Husband Called 911 With Apple Watch : Miracle Escape

Woman Buried Alive By Husband Called 911 With Apple Watch : Miracle Escape

Woman Buried Alive By Husband Called 911 With Apple Watch : Miracle Escape

A woman in the United States, stabbed and buried alive by her husband, made a miraculous escape and called the emergency services using her Apple watch, according to a report in The Daily Beast. The incident took place in Washington state on October 16, the outlet further said. The woman, 42-year-old Young Sook An, fled the forested area after several hours in the grave and showed up at a stranger's door seeking help.

Ms Young's husband, Chae Kyong An, 53, bound her arms and legs with duct tape and then stabbed her in the chest and buried her alive, The Daily Beast report said.

They are fighting a divorce battle and the husband wanted to keep his pension money out of her hands, the outlet reported, citing a probable cause affidavit.

The 911 operator told the police that a woman called the emergency number but sounded "gagged" and "could not talk, according to the affidavit. The operator also heard "banging and struggling" in the background but after sometime it got "totally quiet", the affidavit further said.

The police located the cellphone tower and visited Ms Young's house but could not find her. They did, however, find "signs of disturbance", the affidavit explained.

Ms Young showed up at a stranger's house on October 17 and pounded the door frantically for help.

When the cops arrived, she sprinted at them and said 'My husband is trying to kill me. Help me', The Daily Beast said in the report citing the affidavit.

Ms Young told the cops that while discussing the divorce and money, Chae got angry after which she told him to leave. As she went into the bedroom to change, Chae attacked Ms Young, punched her in the head several times and threw her to the ground.

He then duct-taped her and briefly left the room. That's when she used her Appe watch to call 911. When Chae returned, he dragged Ms Young down the stairs to the floor in front of the garage door. Ms Young said Chae realised she had an Apple watch on so he struck it with a hammer and then struck her wrists, the affidavit further stated.

Chae forced her into a van and drove to a nearby forest where he stabbed her and buried her alive. Ms Young told the police she was "in the ground for a few hours".

Chae was arrested at 8pm (local time) on October 17 and the police also found the grave where Ms Young had been buried. They also found her hair strands, pieces of duct tape and broken frame of her Apple watch.

Chae's lawyer pleaded before the local court that his client suffers from "service-related mental health issues" but Ms Young pleaded with the judge in a letter read aloud in the court by an advocate to keep him locked up saying she feared for her life. Chae remains detained without bond in Thurston County Jail.

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