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Don’t hire private vehicles as Taxis: RTO to people, Govt deptts, others

Don’t hire private vehicles as Taxis: RTO to people, Govt deptts, others

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Syed Shahnawaz Bukhari has appealed the people, government departments and others not to hire any private vehicles as Taxi that doesn’t have a commercial permit.

In this regard, RTO, Kashmir, has issued a public notice, a copy of which is in possession of ANH.

“Multiple complaints have been registered in this office claiming that some private vehicles are being used as Taxis, including by the government departments,” the notice reads.

It added that Section 66 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 provides that ‘no owner of a motor vehicle shall use or permit the use of the vehicle as a transport vehicle in any public place whether or not such vehicle is actually carrying any passengers or goods, save or accordance with the conditions of a permit granted or countersigned by a Regional or State Transport Authority or any prescribed authority authorizing him the use of the vehicle in that place in the manner in which the vehicle is being used’.

“Section 53 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, inter alia, also provides for suspension of Registration Certificate if there are reasons to believe that a vehicle has been, or is being, used for hire or reward without a valid permit,” it said.

It added that accordin g to norms, all outsourced vehicles used by the government departments are required to be registered in commercial category.

“Now, therefore, this is for notice of the general public, all government departments, PSUs, Banks, Educational Institutions and individuals not to hire any private vehicles as a Taxi and not to enter into any commercial contract with any vehicle owner for a vehicle that does not have a Commercial permit and that does not sync with the stated law and rules under the MVA, 1988. In particular, the Drawing and Disbursing Oficers are advised not hire any private vehicle that is not registered under commercial category. Strict action will be taken in case of violation in this regard,” the notice added. 

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