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MPHS Saliskote, Holds Students Council Election

MPHS Saliskote, Holds Students Council Election


Mutahhary Public High School, Saliskote, Kargil on Wednesday convened it's Students Council Election for the academic session 2022-23 through proper electoral process on eve of School foundation day. 

Student Council aims to encourage democracy and leadership qualities among students.

The practice will also increase their awareness in understanding their democratic rights and also understand and participate in elections,and how to elect representatives and to aware about their rights and election procedures.

The main responsibilities and objectives of newly elected students council members are:

To gave first hand information about electoral process by involving the students. 

To build a healthy coordination between teachers and students.
To check the moral conduct of students,to strengthen the teaching learning process,to mantain healthy and hygienic environment within the campus,to help the teachers for examine the overall development of a child.

Other issues on students behalf and to serve as escorts and volunteers in all school events throughout the session.

The student who newly elected for students council of MPHS Saliskote 

Habibullah of Class 10th as a new president, SEERAT FATIMA of Class 10th General Secretary, Zulikha Banoo of Class 10th were elected as Cultural Secretary of the student council. 

While addressed to the students Principal, MPHS Saliskote,Shri Mohd Abudojana felicitatedto the newly elected students council and briefed them with regarding to their responsibilities, duties and power and also wish them for better improvement during this academic session.

Addressing the gathering of the student, the newly elected Student Council members said, that they are really happy and looking forward to work as a team and bring productive output for their School.

They also sought cooperation from the Principal, students, teachers, parents and managing members to achieve new heights of goals.

They express their gratitude to the managing members, Principal and all the teaching staffs to organize such kind of events and confer a chance to build a leadership quality amongst the students.

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