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Two board exams in Class 12, subject-mixing recommended by NCF under NEP

Two board exams in Class 12, subject-mixing recommended by NCF under NEP

The steering committee of the national curricular framework (NCF) has recommended newer patterns of exam conduction and subject selection under the NEP.

The steering committee of the national curricular framework (NCF), a panel of eminent experts in the field of education, has made recommendations to the central government on newer patterns of conducting examinations and choosing subjects that could be picked by students under the NEP. These are in the draft stages.


These suggestions involve holding board exams twice a year for Class 12 students. This would ensure that a student gets the opportunity to opt for the percentage that is better of the two.

Moreover, it would also give students another chance to perform better in the board exams when they are ready.


Secondly, there is also a recommendation to increase the number of papers that a Class 9 student may need to clear.

Instead of the earlier five subject papers, that need to be a part of the best-of-five, the number could be increased to more subject papers in Classes 9 and 10.


Mixing or intermingling of stream subjects has also been recommended in the past. A student would no longer be restricted to only taking subjects related to one particular stream -- science, arts or commerce -- and can go for a mix of science and arts subjects as well.

In the past, students who wanted to study science and mathematics could only take subjects related to these subjects, while those who wanted to study commerce could only study economics, accounts and other related subjects but could not add hardcore science subjects such as biology, chemistry, etc.

The NFC therefore suggested that students be given more options and power to choose the subjects of their interest and liking. For instance, if a student studying arts subjects like political science, history and geography would also like to study mathematics, the student should be allowed to do so.

Notably, it’s important to know that these are still recommendations and suggestions which have not been cleared by the education ministry and are still in the draft stages.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a member of the subject steering committee told India Today, “These are simply recommendations that have been put forward, it is up to the NCERT and the education ministry to deliberate on these."

"Putting forward something in a hurry would cause a disservice to the entire process of new education policy implementation. People are welcome to give suggestions," the member said.

The draft would likely be put up online for suggestions and comments from larger stakeholders. This is a draft for a separate and new syllabus that is yet to come out and yet to get published.

Many more changes are to come in the new education policy curriculum, which are yet to be implemented but are in the processing stages.

Source: India Today

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