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Medical College Gets First Muslim Woman Principal

Medical College Gets First Muslim Woman Principal

Dr Asima Banu has taken charge as the principal of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), becoming the first Muslim woman to hold this position at the institution. Dr Banu, with 23 years of service at BMCRI, assumed her new role on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in the college’s history.

Dr Asima Banu’s journey at BMCRI began in the 1990s when she completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the institution. In 2000, she joined as a faculty member in the microbiology department and has since held various key positions, including quality in-charge, infection control officer, head of the microbiology department at Bowring Hospital, convenor of the medical education unit, and nodal officer of the simulation and skills centre at BMCRI.

Her contributions during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic have garnered widespread appreciation. In 2020, Dr Banu served as the nodal officer of the Covid ward at the Trauma Care Centre, Victoria Hospital. Her dedication to patient care and well-being was evident as she implemented innovative measures to ensure the comfort and recovery of COVID-19 patients.

Dr Banu’s efforts to make patients feel at home and ease their recuperation included providing essential facilities and amenities in the isolation wards. She personally ensured that patients had access to juice tetra packs, nail cutters, toiletries, kettles, and pedestal fans. In an interview, she emphasized her commitment to meeting the diverse needs of patients, even when language barriers made it challenging. Dr Banu’s compassion and determination to ensure patient satisfaction have been instrumental in creating a positive healing environment.

Despite the immense responsibilities as the overall in-charge of the facility, Dr Banu consistently prioritized the patients’ well-being. She went above and beyond by catering to their specific requirements. Whether it was arranging for clothes and essentials or fulfilling requests for games, cakes, and chocolates, Dr Banu spared no effort to bring happiness and comfort to the patients. She established a WhatsApp group where patients could message her directly, creating a channel for communication and ensuring their needs were met promptly.

As Dr Asima Banu assumes the position of principal at BMCRI, her appointment serves as an inspiration to aspiring medical professionals, particularly women from minority communities.

Source: thecognate.com

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