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Manoj Sinha Promises to Fill All Vacant Government Posts in J&K Within Six Months

Manoj Sinha Promises to Fill All Vacant Government Posts in J&K Within Six Months

In a recent address to the public, Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, unveiled an ambitious plan to fill all vacant positions across various government departments within the next six months. This initiative, described as a "major recruitment drive," aims to bolster the region's workforce and create numerous employment opportunities.

The announcement came during an event in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, where the LG inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for several development projects. Sinha highlighted that last year, the Union Territory administration initiated a transparent recruitment drive that saw the appointment of hundreds of young individuals.

With determination, Sinha stated, "Let me announce here that all the vacant posts in various government departments will be filled within the next six months through a proper recruitment drive." He emphasized that this effort aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to become an officer in the government.

The LG also shared an inspiring story of a young woman who, despite humble beginnings as the daughter of a vegetable seller, became a KAS officer. He underscored the importance of providing equal opportunities for the children of economically disadvantaged families.

While expressing his commitment to development, Sinha criticized regional political parties for alleged financial misconduct. He stated that these parties had misappropriated state funds, constructed lavish homes abroad, and neglected the welfare of the common people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sinha further mentioned the distribution of 2,800 homes under the Prime Minister Awas Yojna Scheme in Ganderbal district, reassuring that these dwellings were exclusively allocated to residents of Jammu and Kashmir. He condemned attempts to obstruct this housing initiative by certain groups.

Regarding the region's progress, the LG noted that J&K was moving towards peace and prosperity. He highlighted the increasing number of tourists visiting the area and the positive impact on local businesses, including taxi drivers, hoteliers, and traders.

Sinha praised the development of Ganderbal, expressing satisfaction that the district was on track to becoming a prominent tourist destination. He cited Sonmarg, with its significant influx of tourists, as a prime example of this transformation.

The LG acknowledged the unfortunate trend of delayed projects in the region. He criticized past leaders for laying foundation stones without completing projects. However, he assured that his administration had prioritized project completion, with 33 out of 75 languishing projects already finished and the remaining 45 set to conclude soon.

Manoj Sinha's vision for Jammu and Kashmir includes rapid development, job creation, and equal opportunities for all residents, ultimately leading the region towards peace and prosperity. KNO

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