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JKBOSE Cancels Class XII Paper: ‘Out of Syllabus’ Exam Incident Shakes Students

JKBOSE Cancels Class XII Paper: 'Out of Syllabus' Exam Incident Shakes Students

A recent incident has stirred up concerns among Class XII students in Kashmir as the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) admits to serving 'out of syllabus' exam papers. Let's delve into the details of this unsettling development and its impact on students.

The Incident Unfolds:

Discovery of 'Out of Syllabus' Papers:
  • Multiple Superintendents across Kashmir Valley reported that the question paper for the subject of Physical Education was 'out of syllabus' for Class XII Annual Regular 2024 exams.

Official Notification:
  • The Joint Secretary Exams conveyed the admission of the error in a notification, directing all superintendents to retrieve the answer scripts and question papers for Physical Education from the students.

Cancellation Decision:
  • In response to the discrepancy, JKBOSE took the unprecedented step of cancelling the Class XII paper to rectify the situation.

Student Reactions:

Concerns Raised:
  • Many students expressed their concerns over being served papers of Class XI, some of which lacked essential series sorting information.

Uncertainty and Anxiety:
  • The incident has left students feeling uncertain and anxious about the impact on their academic performance and future prospects.

The cancellation of the Class XII paper by JKBOSE highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity and accuracy of examination processes. While this incident has undoubtedly caused distress among students, it also underscores the need for rigorous quality assurance measures to prevent such errors in the future. We await further updates from JKBOSE regarding the resolution of this issue and the next steps for affected students.

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