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SED Forms Enquiry Committee Over 'Wrong Distribution of Question Papers' in Class 12 Board Exams

SED Forms Enquiry Committee Over 'Wrong Distribution of Question Papers' in Class 12 Board Exams

The recent debacle involving the wrong distribution of question papers during Class 12 Board Exams has prompted the School Education Department (SED) to take decisive action. Let's explore the details of the incident and the formation of a two-member enquiry committee to address the issue.

Formation of Enquiry Committee:

Committee Composition:
  • The SED has constituted a two-member committee comprising the Director of School Education, Kashmir, and the Director of School Education, Jammu.
  • This committee will be tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding the distribution error by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE).

Terms of Reference:
  • The committee's mandate includes examining the incident of distributing Class 11 question papers to Class 12 students during the Board examination on March 20, 2024.
  • Additionally, the committee will investigate the cancellation of the examination and determine the responsibility for negligence at the supervisory/administrative level.

Timeline and Reporting:
  • The committee has been given a timeline of seven days to complete its investigation.
  • It has the authority to co-opt any Chief Education Officer or other officers deemed necessary for the inquiry.
  • The findings of the committee will be submitted to the administration within the stipulated timeframe.

Background of the Incident:

Distribution Error Unveiled:
  • Class 12 students across various examination centres in the Valley were served different exam papers, later revealed to be from Class 11.
  • This major discrepancy led to the cancellation of the affected paper, causing confusion and distress among students.

Response and Next Steps:

Cancellation and Assurance:
  • In response to the situation, the authorities swiftly cancelled the affected paper.
  • They have assured students that fresh dates for the cancelled exams will be announced in the coming days.
The formation of the enquiry committee by the SED underscores the commitment to address the distribution error and ensure accountability for the negligence observed during the Class 12 Board Exams. Stay tuned for updates on the findings and actions taken in response to this incident.

[Source: GNS]

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